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Android Training

Android Training in Surat

Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system, powering billions of devices ranging from phones to watches, tablets, TVs, and more. Google's smartphone operating system now powers a whopping 80% of devices worldwide. Android Market has reached over 10 billion app downloads. App developers can reach huge audiences and build strong businesses. Top smartphone providers keep updating their products and apps regularly that has increased the demand for mobile app developers in the global marketplace. As a result, mobile phones have become a trend. So, android app developers don’t have to get worried about getting jobs and what future holds for the application developers.

Android - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

The good news is that Vasundhara Vision gives your own start up in Android Development, career assurance, pay high salary to the deserving candidates. We have designed course that will teach you all core and advanced ongoing topics of Android application, after that you can develop big to large applications.

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Vasundhara Coaching
Vasundhara Coaching
Vasundhara Coaching


Android - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

The Foundation in Android App Development course is a combination of guided tutorials and challenges. The guided tutorials introduce new concepts and provide detailed explanations of how to make a particular app. The challenges reinforce learning as participants solve problems by applying the concepts from the guided tutorials.

In this course, we present Concepts of Object Oriented Programming, logic to control the flow of execution, Data Structures, how to organise and format code and Networking.

Students will be introduced to Android Studio. Learning to use Android Studio is key for making an Android app. Participants learn to set up projects, design the app with Layout XML files, integrate third party libraries into projects, and debug their apps based on compiler warnings and error reports in the console.

Chapter 1 - Basics of Android

  • Introduction of Android OS
  • Setup Android Studio and android sdk
  • Android Lifecycle
  • APK Introduction
  • Android main components and services

Chapter 2 - Project Structure

  • Parts of an android project
  • Interaction and lifecycle
  • Professional Coding Format

Chapter 3 - Layouts and UI components

  • View & ViewGroups
  • Screen Orientation
  • Menus
  • Dialogs
  • Android Widgets
  • WebView
  • ViewPager
  • TabView
  • GalleryView

Chapter 4 - Key Android classes

  • ListViews
  • Adapters
  • SharedPreferences
  • LocationManager

Chapter 5 - Networking

  • Asynchronous API calls
  • Store and retrieve data from the cloud
  • JSON format for server communication
  • Retrofit

Chapter 6 - Advance of Android

  • Advance Material Design
  • Working with Canvas
  • Notifications
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • In-App Purchase
  • Social Login Integration
  • Basic Introduction of RxJava

Training Goals

We all need training and coaching at every stage to improve and overcome some lacking area whether you are fresher or experienced one. Systemic specific training will strengthen your knowledge and make you expert in your field.

Training is essential step to become a professional in your preferred field, to train yourself as per new latest technologies, which are might be not in academic syllabus but they are necessity of all top IT companies, to improve your minor lacking area, training is always a non stop ongoing process to get ready to meet new technologies and challenges introduced in the market. All IT Companies in the need of trained and proficient candidates and paying them the best as per their industry norms.

After the completion of the Android Development Course at Vasundhara vision, you should be able to understand:

Basic Android Development tools such as Eclipse, DDMS, Drawables, Listeners, and so on.

How to use various Layouts and Widgets in Android Applications.

How to create interactive applications in android with multiple activities including audio, video and notifications.

How to create applications using SQLite database.

Use development tools, such as those found in the Android Developer's Toolkit to efficiently create, understand, debug and optimize Android applications.

Understand the key forces and constraints acting on handheld devices and know how to accommodate these when designing and building their own Android applications.

Android Training Goal - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

Know where to find additional sources of information to understand and solve Android-related problems.

Understand the Android platform's organization, patterns and programming mechanisms and be able to use them effectively to develop their own Android applications.

How to publish your App on Google Play.

Why Vasundhara Coaching

Many awesome developers are here to assist you whom will give you much deep and detailed knowledge about every component.

The guided tutorials introduce new concepts and provide detailed explanations of how to make a particular app. The challenges reinforce learning as participants solve problems by applying the concepts from the guided tutorials.

Many awesome developers are here to assist you.

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Android Training - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat
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Android Training - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat
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Android Training - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat
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1. What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?

A ContentProvider manages access to a structured set of data. It encapsulates the data and provide mechanisms for defining data security.

2. Who Should Take This Android Development Training Course?

Software, System and web developers College graduates and Android app enthusiasts.

3. Why Should You Take This Android Training Course?

Today Android has grown to become the biggest Operating System for smartphones supporting devices from scores of manufactures making it a truly global phenomenon. Taking this Training and mastering the art of Android App Development can thrust you into the big league where you can command big salaries and further grow your career in one of the most exciting technology platforms available today.

4. What is the duration of this training?

This is a 6 weeks training program.

5. Are there any pre-requisites for joining this program?

This program is for beginners. There are no pre-requisites.

6. Will there be any project that I will get to work on?

Yes. You will be working on creating an Android app during the training. The problem statement and solutions for this project will be provided.