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C/C++ Training

C/C++ Training in surat

As a middle-level language, C combines benefits of both low machine level languages and high-level developer friendly languages. Further, it is fast, structured, portable and has a rich library. These features make C a general purpose programming language, and hence, it finds application across every domain in programming world.

C/C++ - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

A super set of C, C++ is an object-oriented programming language and incorporates all the features offered by C. C++ started its journey as C with classes. Gradually, it has evolved and despite the popularity of other programming languages like C# and Java, C, C++ holds its own as one of the most widely used languages for scripting. In applications, C++ is ubiquitous.

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Vasundhara Coaching
Vasundhara Coaching


C/C++ - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

C and C++ Programming are must to learn for every one who are interested in programming and want to start their career in software industry. It is the basic foundation of any programming languages. All the programming languages like java, c# or any object oriented programming language are all inherited from c and c++.

In this course you will learn all the basic fundamentals of c and c++ from scratch then proceed to advanced topics.

In this course each and every topic is explained with example programs to understand the concepts better, there are many practical examples in this course, You will Learn the course by practicing the code as you go along with the course.

Once you finish the course you will be able to:
1. Write your own code in c
2. Write your own code in c++
3. Understand Object Oriented concepts in c++
4. Will be able to understand any standard code written in c and c++ and able to modify them according to the requirement

Chapter 1 – What is C ?

  • Overview of C
  • Features of C
  • Basic Structure of C Programs
  • Constants, Variables, and Data Types
  • Keywords and Identifiers
  • Executing a C Program

Chapter 2 – What is C++ ?

  • A Simple Program
  • Basic Concept of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Compiling and Linking
  • Programming Exercises
  • Tokens
  • Identifiers and Constants
  • Controllers: View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle, Controllers of Controllers.

Chapter 3 – Features Of C

  • Operators and Expressions
  • Managing Input and Output Operations
  • Decision Making and Branching
  • Decision Making and Looping
  • Arrays
  • Character Arrays and Strings

Chapter 4 – Features Of C++

  • Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures
  • Function in C++
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Destructors
  • Operator Overloading and Type Conversation
  • Inheritance
  • Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

Chapter 5 – C Programmes

  • Print
  • Scan
  • Pattern
  • Prime Number
  • Factorial
  • Fibonacci series
  • swapping 2 numbers with and without temp variables
  • switch Case

Chapter 6 – C++ Programmes

  • Even and Odd
  • Swap two numbers
  • Prime number
  • Table of any Number
  • Reverse a Number
  • Leap Year
  • Array Program

Chapter 7 – Custom

  • Custom Views

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1. What is C ?

The C language is a high-level computer programming language. It's the very important language because of c is the base of programming.

2. What is C++ ?

C++ is a general-purpose object-oriented programming (OOP) language.C++ is one of the most popular languages primarily utilized with system/application software, drivers, client-server applications and embedded firmware.

3. What is the scope of C and C++?

C++ is a popular language in game development. you can use hardware resources from c++ programming. For career prospects c++ is best for game development.

4. Which type of job in market for C and C++ ?

Network security,wireless station software, Operating Systems and Compiler, Database engines ,Gaming industry,All things 3D,Financial platforms.

5. What is the importent of C/C++ ?

if you want to find out some implementation detail about operation system, linux or minix would be the best choice, and they are both written in C there're tremendous excellent tools/libraries that are written in C/C++, which you can use to build the basic blocks of your project.

Training Goals

We all need training and coaching at every stage to improve and overcome some lacking area whether you are fresher or experienced one. Systemic specific training will strengthen your knowledge and make you expert in your field.

Training is essential step to become a professional in your preferred field, to train yourself as per new latest technologies, which are might be not in academic syllabus but they are necessity of all top IT Companies, to improve your minor lacking area, training is always a nonstop on-going process to get ready to meet new technologies and challenges introduced in the market. All IT Companies in the need of trained and proficient candidates and paying them the best as per their industry norms.

At the end of C/C++ Training Course, student will be able to –

  • Become familiar with the syntax, semantic and all the main features of C++.

  • Understand how to implement any concepts based upon UML design and proper programming strategies.

  • Be aware of the C++ challenges and pitfalls and master the techniques to avoid them.

  • Understand the main strategies and several Design Patterns to build the simplest, most flexible and reliable C++ code.

  • Be familiar with the structure of C and C++ program execution in machine memory.

  • Understand the object-oriented paradigm presented by C++.

C/C++ Training Goal - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat
  • be able to make effective use of templates and meta-programming techniques as used in the STL.

  • understand the potential dangers of writing programs in C and C++.