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iOS Training

iPhone Training in Surat

iPhone has completely revolutionized the market by giving birth to millions of attractive apps, interesting games and lots more. Popularity of iPhone is still same and it will continue to grow till infinity. There is huge demand of talented iPhone Developer in worldwide as iPhone is the largest branch in the mobile world.

iOS - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

All you want to make a Solid career in iPhone Development which gives you high salary, career assurance, reward, your own start up, which you can get with Vasundhara Coaching. Company gives you all of that if you can satisfy all need of applications. Keeping that in mind we have designed this course that will teach you all core and advanced ongoing topics of iPhone application, after that you can develop big to large applications.

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iOS - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

The application development process for iOS platforms (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and future platforms) relies on a specialized paradigm of application development - the mobile paradigm.

Designers and developers of mobile apps are challenged to provide superb user experience on resource-limited platforms where memory, processing power and battery life are at a premium.

In this course, we present Apple’s approach to mobile app design and development, as reflected in the design of the iOS platform, the ModelView-Controller (MVC) paradigm and iOS’s various high and low-level frameworks. Objective-C, the native programming language for iOS, is exposed and explained step-by-step.

Students will be introduced to the Xcode integrated development environment, extensively using it to develop several applications from scratch. From our experience, learning iOS is best accomplished by doing. Accordingly, the course includes live demos and extensive individual lab work.


  • About iOS
  • Apple Devices
  • Swift
  • Tools

Chapter 2 - BASIC

  • Life Cycle
  • Storyboard
  • Action and Outlets
  • Delegetion
  • UI Elements
  • Collection Type
  • Data Handeling/Storage
  • Multimedia Access (camera & Photo Library)
  • Location & Map
  • Gesture Recogniser
  • Third party Integration
  • Web Service(JSON & XML)
  • MVC
  • Mail Composer, MessageUI
  • Auto Sizing & Auto Layout (Universal App)

Chapter 3 - ADVANCE

  • Database (Coredata & SQL Lite)
  • File Handling
  • Social Media Integration
  • Animation
  • Notification
  • KVO & KVC

Chapter 4 - App Publish

Training Goals

We all need training and coaching at every stage to improve and overcome some lacking area whether you are fresher or experienced one. Systemic specific training will strengthen your knowledge and make you expert in your field.

Training is essential step to become a professional in your preferred field, to train yourself as per new latest technologies, which are might be not in academic syllabus but they are necessity of all top IT Companies, to improve your minor lacking area, training is always a nonstop on-going process to get ready to meet new technologies and challenges introduced in the market. All IT Companies in the need of trained and proficient candidates and paying them the best as per their industry norms.

At the end of iOS Training Course, student will be able to –

  • Review and understand apps requirement of consumer.

  • Develop and design iOS App individually.

  • make understand of app functionality to the consumer.

  • comuunication and co-ordinate with other consumer.

  • Publish app to AppStore.

iOS Training Goal - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

Why Vasundhara Coaching

We are the best training provider for IT Software As we have experienced and developed many iOS apps which are successfully live on App Store. We know that exactly area and topics which you must to learn if you willing to become an iOS App developer.

Complete training from beginning to designing, developing, and publishing on App Store.

We are giving 100% placement to our student, as we have our own placement cell, we have recruited many iOS and Android Developer. As well as, we guarantee to place you in best IT Companies and MNCs.

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1. Which iPhone App Development Training Course should I go for?

Choosing iPhone App Development as a career can be a viable choice and it would be a right decision to make. Attend an obligation FREE demo and get in touch with the professionals to understand what is offered in the courses. Get idea about the live project work as well. Call +91 6354209049 to know more.

2. What are the fees for iPhone Training Course?

It entirely depends on the sort of course you opt for. The options are many to choose from.