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QA Training in surat

The worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 Billion in 2010 to $50 Billion by 2020 Software testing is the most important part of the IT industry, without software testing, product may fail to perform important operation and leads to huge loss to the company or to the nation.

QA Training - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat

The heavy investment in critical business applications that keep large corporations moving is at risk because engineering qualification today bears little resemblance to the needs of the market. With India becoming a hub for Testing-as-a-Service, Testing skills shortage likelihood as demand increases exponentially; is bound to improve employability of trained Testers.

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Vasundhara Coaching
Vasundhara Coaching
Vasundhara Coaching


To learn software testing, student have to expand their vision to see any object in multidimensionally, to develop scenario , to create test cases and test app by point of view of different users. And, we will help you to make your vision wide in terms of testing.

As,Tester’s role is very important in any organization to make application bug free i.e.free from any error and danger and to make user friendly application for user,to make sure that testing need to be done at different stages of development.

At Vasundhara Coaching, In our course we have include Manual and Automation testing,that provides you all fundamental basics and advanced topics of testing i.e from beginner level to advanced level as well as how to test application at different stages.

Teaching of software testing will be start from basic testing theory to the testing different level and how to verify two cycles simultaneously with each other i.e SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)and STLC(Software Testing Life Cycle).All are the different models and the different methodology of software testing.Each and every learning will be done with the live application.

For the simplicity and effective learning process we have divided our course into a various chapter:

Chapter 1 - What is Software testing?

  • Why and where software testing is important.
  • Software testing introduction.
  • 7 Software Testing Principles basic knowledge.
  • Different stages of software testing.
  • SDLC vs STLC.
  • Software Testing Life Cycle in detail.
  • Verification and Validation.

Chapter 2 - Types of Testing

  • Manual Testing.
  • Automation testing.
  • Unit testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • System testing.
  • Smoke and Sanity Testing.
  • Regression testing.
  • Non-Functional testing.

Chapter 3 - Test Case development

  • What is test case?
  • Test Scenario with examples.
  • Test Case Specifications.
  • Traceability Matrix.
  • Practical Tips and Tricks to Create Test Data

Chapter 4 - Testing Techniques

  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis.
  • Decision Table Testing.
  • State Transition Diagram.
  • Use Case Testing.

Chapter 5 - Bug Cycle

  • What is bug, different error types.
  • Types of bugs.
  • Bug cycle in detail.
  • How to post bugs.
  • Testing tools.

Chapter 6 - Agile

  • Agile testing methodology.
  • Scrum testing.
  • Agile vs. Scrum.

Chapter 7 - Performance testing

  • Performance Testing.
  • Load Testing.
  • Stress Testing.
  • Volume Testing.
  • Scalability Testing.
  • Stability Testing.
  • Spike Testing.

Chapter 8 - Basic of Automation testing

  • Introduction of automation testing.
  • Difference between automation and Manual testing.
  • Different types of automation tools.

Why Vasundhara Coaching

Vasundhara vision’s instructors are absolutely superior and undisputedly the best in the market. Our instructors and consultants are practicing/working professionals with experience in the subjects for which they impart training or consulting. They are outstanding masters in their subject matter, however, the prime differentiator is their excellent mentoring skills.

At,vasundhara vision you will get a complete training and you will come across various live application testing (Android, iOs, Game and Web application) experience.

We are providing 100% placement to our student, as we have our own placement cell, we have recruited many Software testers and Developers. As well as, we guarantee to place you in best IT Companies and MNCs.

Why We?

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1. Why choose Software Testing Training in Surat at Vasundhara Vision?

We are the Best Software Testing Training Institute in Surat and it offering the World Standard qualified Software Testing Training in Surat trained by Best Qualified Testing Training Experts. With years of expertise and industrial excellence.

2. Can I customize the syllabus of Testing Training Course?

Yes! We understand your needs and provide you with full-fledged software testing training covering an in-depth syllabus starting with inside out of every possible topic related to manual testing, automated testing tool, quality testing, Load runner, QTP, Selenium, etc. We also offer online software testing training modules, for our students to learn at their comfort.

3. Are the trainers at Vasundhara Vision well qualified and experienced professionals?

Yes! Undoubtedly, we pick the most experienced and qualified professionals to comprise our team of trainers for software testing. With real time projects from hundreds of industries, our trainers will impart the best testing training ever possible.

4. Do you update the testing training modules with latest in technology?

Of course yes! Our training faculties strive hard in keeping the syllabus updated with all the recent trends followed in leading industries. We offer the most extensive range of courses and training modules in software testing training in Surat. With the assistance of our trainers, you can choose the course that best suits you and get tuned to industrial standards.

5. What are the future prospects after testing training from Vasundhara Vision?

To make it clear, there are more than a million opportunities awaiting students equipped with software testing training in Surat. At Vasundhara vision, we are ready to share our immense knowledge and expertise in the field of software testing to tune and groom, every amateur into software testing engineer to get a perfect high paying profile.

Training Goals

We all need training and coaching at every stage to improve and overcome some lacking area whether you are fresher or experienced one. Systemic specific training will strengthen your knowledge and make you expert in your field.

Training is essential step to become a professional in your preferred field, to train yourself as per new latest technologies, which are might be not in academic syllabus but they are necessity of all top IT Companies, to improve your minor lacking area, training is always a nonstop on-going process to get ready to meet new technologies and challenges introduced in the market. All IT Companies in the need of trained and proficient candidates and paying them the best as per their industry norms.

At the end of Quality Assurance Training Course, student will be able to –

  • You will get knowledge of How to operate different Devices(different Android and iOS Devices).

  • You will able to generate Multidimensional vision to test App from end user point of view.

  • You will able to Test Application with different types of Testing.

  • You will able to Report bug in different Bug tools.

  • You will learn how to work in Agile (Which is first requirement of MNC company).

  • You will Learn how to work in a Team.

QA Training Goal - Vasundhara Coaching|Surat